Mission Statement

A new political formation called the “Kenya Red Alliance (KRA)” has been set up by a group of Kenyans at home and in Diaspora to address the growing and critical question of the “Kenyan revolution” which KRA initiative takers believe, is the only way to rescue the country from deep political, economic and social crisis after more than 45 years of dictatorship and authoritarianism by three subsequent regimes.

Today, the rapidly deteriorating situation in Kenya has led to starvation of millions of citizens, total collapse of social infrastructure, mass poverty, spiraling crime especially among the youth, personal insecurity, mass unemployment, looting of the economy by political gangsters, extra-judicial executions of innocent civilians by organized agents of State terror, banning of books and a host of catastrophic failures that are increasingly leading to the categorization of Kenya by the International community as a “failed State”.

The formation of KRA comes after six months of meticulous deliberations by “like-minded” Kenyans at home and in Diaspora who believe that fourty five years of experimentation with a deformed capitalist system of government headed by wealth grabbers is not working for the people of Kenya but serving the collective interests of a tiny class of thieves and robbers. This class continues to use the system to steal wealth produced by toiling workers and peasants and, in the process, leaving the suffering masses without the most basic of human necessities. Once again, a powerful smell of revolution is in the air.

Experiments with capitalism have led to mass starvation and death in Kenya
While KRA initiative takers agree with millions of Kenyans who believe that politicians have let down workers, peasants, students and the army of unemployed youth, their position is that: the rotten political system called capitalism that enables politicians to steal tax payers’ money through illegal salary increments of MPs; institutionalized corruption; tax evasion by the rich; lavish lifestyles for the ruling class as Kenyans starve; and an entrenched policy of external dependencies and internal exploitation by domestic and International wealth grabbers are directly responsible for the misery millions of Kenyans have and continue to undergo with devastating consequences.

KRA’s initiative takers believe that the system of capitalism has failed globally and that it will never work in Kenya because this rotten system (that pits the rich against the poor) has outlived its usefulness thereby making it incapable of moving society forward. Under the circumstances, it is the view of KRA initiative takers that the system needs to be abolished while corrupt and opportunistic politicians presiding over it ought to be forced out of power by a revolutionary movement or Party through available democratic channels.

The defeat of collaborators running the corrupt government on behalf of themselves will pave the way for a new beginning by a new generation of leaders and thinkers armed with a workable political alternative that can effectively end mass poverty, perpetual starvation, wanton deprivation, looting of resources and untold human suffering of millions of Kenyans.

KRA’s initiative takers believe that reclaiming the country will not be possible without a clear understanding of both the main issues that needs to be addressed and the political tasks ahead of KRA as a serious revolutionary outfit. While the core issue is to defeat the system, the fundamental objective is to erect a just and democratic government that will ensure equitable distribution of the country’s vast resources among the people of Kenya who are seeking to address the crisis of leadership in the country.

From the standpoint of KRA, there is no solution to the crisis apart from revolution and the big questions on KRA’s table includes a general agreement about the definition of revolution within the Kenyan context, the kind of revolution needed in our country at this point in time, the immediate agenda of this revolution, how it should be organized and the people who are best equipped to lead the struggle for genuine political change, economic transformation and social justice in Kenya. KRA’s initiative takers believe that there can never be “Business as usual” as long as there are Kenyans going without food, clothing and shelter.

It is the view of KRA that Kenya is ripe for revolution but that there is currently no Movement or Party armed with the right ideas, strategies and tactics to lead the revolutionary struggle as the masses of the people cry for revolutionary change to defeat an entrenched class of looters who have been facing no serious or organized challenge as they run the country like a huge business empire where they are answerable to nobody but themselves.

Today, millions of Kenyans are convinced that the country is sinking but, unfortunately, there is a lot of hopelessness about what needs to be done. Although there is talk of reform from the opportunist wing of the democratic Movement led by sections of the wealthy ruling class and segments of the civil society, there is no indication that these reforms will ever put food on the table for the starving Kenyans, create jobs for idle youth, avail medicine in hospitals or create shelter for millions of homeless citizens in our country.

KRA believes that the political vacuum that exists in Kenya will never be filled without the element of revolution coming into play and it is because of this belief that KRA has been formed. The emergence of the Alliance is the product of convergence of individuals, groups and organizations which have, in the past, put forward a revolutionary agenda for Kenya but whose initiatives have been hampered by lack of sufficient revolutionary consciousness among the oppressed and subjugated masses in Kenya.

The positive aspect is that political consciousness in Kenya has, over the past decade, undergone rapid and tremendous growth as a result of systematic capitalist decay in Kenya and collapse of the system internationally. This development has created a volatile situation that has sustained sporadic social explosions that, in turn, desperately calls for a revolutionary outfit like KRA to give hope in a hopeless situation and to direct the struggle against the rich which has held the poor hostage in their own country.

The system is rotten “beyond reform”
The intention of KRA’s initiative takers is not to pursue a rigid line of struggle or opt for a sectarian line of politics closed to open debate and stuck with dogma. The intention is to gather all individuals and forces who believe that the country is ripe for revolution, honestly access the gains of the Kenya democratic movement since the betrayal of the Mau Mau following the “Colonial revolution”, expose the ravages of neo-colonialism and imperialist domination of our country over the past decades and to chart out a clear and workable revolutionary solution that has evaded several progressive Movements whose leaderships believed in the concept of liberation within the framework of a rotten system that has been entering into one crisis after another both locally and internationally. The country is in decay because the system has literally grinded to a halt.

There is no doubt that protracted struggles by “post-independence  movements” led by very courageous compatriots have led to massive democratic gains in Kenya. Huge sacrifices in terms of life and blood have been made by thousands of Kenyans for the sake of our country’s freedom and emancipation. The democratic gains Kenyans enjoy today were not won accidentally or without a fight. They came about as a result of commitment to the liberation struggle by Kenyan freedom fighters who struggled tirelessly under impossible conditions to realize these gains following the colonization of Kenya and the emergence of the Kenyatta, Moi and, lately, Kibaki dictatorships under the neo-colonial arrangement supervised by imperialist powers.

However, the democratic gains over the past decades have, at the same time, been overshadowed by a “permanent status quo” characterized by the country’s resources and wealth producing institutions having been left on the hands of multi-national companies and local bourgeoisie whose agents constitute the corrupt ruling classes which have and continue to control the Kenya State machine to perpetuate both their personal interests and the interests of their imperialist masters. The problem in Kenya is not about the constitution but wealth distribution. It is about the struggle between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have nots, the exploiter and the exploited.

In other words, the general stand-still of Kenya’s political, economic and social progress is a result of decades of control of the country’s wealth and resources by foreign agents working in cahoots with local stooges in control of the State machine which they utilize to contain the struggle against the system as reform politics is put forward to dupe the masses that the solution to the crisis is reform and not revolution.

KRA initiative takers believe that constitutional and other reforms are a step in the right direction but that the Constitution is a piece of paper that will never put food on the table. Kenyans are not starving because of a defective Constitution but because of looting of the country’s resources by thieves in control of a rich man’s system of government which needs to be vanquished to open the way for sharing of the national cake currently in the custody of a committee of wealth grabbers calling themselves “government”.

From the Kenyan experience, there is ample evidence that the rich and powerful will never institute political changes in the interest of the poor but in their own personal interests and to further their own endless wealth-grabbing agendas. KRA seeks to break the gridlock where movements and politicians have entered into politics with reform agendas to sustain the status quo, not to overturn the very system that is at the center of the suffering of millions of Kenyans who have been living under dehumanizing conditions since the days of flag independence in 1963.

Our position is that while political reforms are vital and important for the country’s democratization process, the system of capitalism under which millions of Kenyans are and continue to suffer “is rotten beyond reform” and consequently, “ripe for overthrow”. Any sane Kenyan who does not understand this fundamental point is politically unconscious.

It is a fact that the reform process has been stuck because of competing interests of various capitalist factions within the coalition’s ruling classes whose members continue to loot the economy, grab land and execute Kenyans using security forces under their firm control.

Initiative takers of KRA believe that the emergence of the Alliance at this critical point in the history of our country is a bold step towards creating the “subjective factor” currently missing in Kenya to help speed up the revolutionary process that will liberate our country from neo-colonialism, imperialist control and capitalist class rule that has, over the years, guaranteed mass poverty, mass unemployment and “hell on earth” for millions of Kenyans already starving to death.

We take this opportunity to appeal to Kenyans who may be interested in the Alliance to take contact for further discussions and coordination for purposes of emancipating our country.

Okoth Osewe
Interim Secretary
Kenya Red Alliance (KRA)
July 5th 2009

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