The Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) is a revolutionary Socialist Alliance fighting for the abolition of capitalism in Kenya and its replacement with a democratic socialist system of government led by the working people of Kenya, the millions of oppressed youths and the marginalized peasants across the country. It is the position of KRA that the process of abolishing and replacing decayed capitalist system in Kenya will require a democratic socialist revolution.

The task of KRA is to help organize this revolution which remains the only solution to mass poverty, mass hunger, mass unemployment (especially among the youth), corruption, tribalism, landlessness, exploitation of Kenyans by the rich and a myriad vices Kenyans have and continue to witness under the rotten capitalist system of government led by a corrupt class of thieving political vultures from all sides of the political divide year in year out. Our message to Kenyans is that it is time for a socialist revolution so let us begin to organize and liberate our country from imperialist control-capitalist class rule that has ravaged our country since fake independence in 1963. The revolution will not just happen. It will have to be organized and KRA is the revolutionary organization. Join us today!