Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

1. Loyalty to KRA: Members of KRA shall pledge their loyalty to the Alliance’s ideas and not to individuals within the leadership. Strict secrecy shall be observed by all members with the internal affairs of KRA. Members of KRA shall not reveal to non-members, the press or other third parties, the Alliance’s secrets even after they leave the Alliance.

2. Ideological Commitment: Members of KRA shall, at all times, struggle for the establishment of a Socialist society in Kenya, free from injustice, inequality, exploitation and oppression of the people of Kenya. Members will struggle for the establishment of a Workers democratic system of government in Kenya with Kenyan workers taking a leading role in the struggle.

3. Internal Discipline: In their inter-personal interactions, members shall be guided by the principles of mutual respect and unwavering comradeship. Members will shun intolerance, personality conflicts, egoism and other unacceptable behaviours likely to create despondency, division and disunity within the Alliance or its members. Members shall not advance false accusations against each other but shall uphold truth, honesty and fairness in all interactions.

4. Commitment to Kenyans: Members of KRA shall, under no circumstance, deceive the people of Kenya using: “the politics of deception”; making of false promises or spewing of cheap propaganda that has no bearing to the Alliance’s revolutionary objectives of toppling capitalism in Kenya ans setting up a Socialist state. Members shall not engage in populism, opportunism and hero worship as a political strategy to sell KRA’s ideas. Members shall not use money or other material objects to induce support from the people of Kenya.

5. Struggle and Solidarity: Members of KRA shall, at all times, show solidarity with workers’ struggles in Kenya together with the millions of poor, marginalized and oppressed people of Kenya. KRA members shall strive to show solidarity with the International Workers’ Movement and all exploited people struggling for the abolition of capitalism in the world.

6. Internal Democracy: In all their dealings within the Alliance, KRA members shall be guided by the principles of Democratic Centralism which allows members to agree, disagree, discuss and come to binding conclusions on any issue within the Alliance. Criticism of both the leadership and the membership shall not be personalized but aimed at building the Alliance.

7. Political Responsibilities: As part of their political responsibility, members of KRA will strive to read and understand the Party’s constitution, political program, policies and socialist ideology. It is the responsibility of members to propagate KRA’s ideas based on the Alliance’s documents that will be publicly available at all times. It is the responsibility of KRA members to recruit new members into the Alliance and to build the Alliance at every opportunity. It is the responsibility of members to implement KRA’s assignments in the soonest time possible, with outermost transparency and with maximum accountability.

8. Respect of Others: KRA members shall show outermost respect of others at all times. Members shall not tolerate, in any form, tribalism, sexism, racism, nepotism, cronyism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, ethnic chauvinism, cultural imperialism and any form of discrimination of other persons.

9. Political Education: Members of KRA will strive at all times to educate themselves, their friends, contacts, families and acquaintances about the Alliance’s ideology of revolutionary socialism. They will strive to understand and explain the Alliance’s ideas to other interested persons with the objective of increasing the political consciousness of contacts along the lines of revolutionary socialism as propagated by KRA, its contacts and affiliates, locally and internationally.

10. Violation of Code of Conduct: Any member who violates this code of conduct in whole or in part shall face disciplinary action as per KRA’s Constitution. This Code of Conduct is liable to revision by members through channels set out in KRA’s Constitution.

Central Committee
Kenya Red Alliance (KRA)
July 2009